A Watch That Is Battery-Free

A Watch That Is Battery-Free

Watch experts are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the ideal watch that checks all their boxes due to the abundance of timepieces available on the market nowadays.

Some watch aficionados like battery-operated quartz watches because of their usefulness, style, and affordability, but others favor automatic or mechanical watches because they operate at their best without a battery.

Although many watch lovers believe that a watch needs a battery to function properly, several advances in the watch business prove them wrong.

There are a ton of timepieces available nowadays that operate well without batteries.

And for the record, these timepieces are flawless and almost as precise as quartz battery-operated watches.

In today's post, I'll explain how mechanical and automatic watches function and why these amazing timepieces are superior to battery-operated watches.

What are automatic watches?

Since they were first introduced a few years ago, automatic watches have established themselves as the standard for those seeking a timepiece with unwavering performance.

To begin with, the movements in automatic timepieces are not powered by batteries.

Instead, the kinetic energy produced by the arm's movement is used to power these timepieces.

Automatic watches are designed with a strong rotating weight that rotates together with the natural movement of the arm and wrist.

And just so you know, self-winding watches are another name for automatic watches.

However, as these watches stop winding when there is no movement, they must sometimes be worn in order to preserve their accuracy and ability to indicate the proper time.

Purchasing a watch winder won't be a terrible idea if you love wearing various watches and are a watch collector.

Your automatic watches will remain wound if you use this gadget since it is designed to periodically gently shake your watches to keep them turning.

Are automatic watches expensive?

Automatic watches come in a range of prices, just like every other form of watch.

Therefore, it depends on your spending limit and the watch brand you're considering.

However, compared to battery-operated timepieces, automatic watches are often more costly.

Japan NH35 automatic

V3 Tactical Frog Sub 300T Diving Watch

Watch Specification
Brand: Tactical Frog
Mod: Sub 300T V3
Movement: Japan NH35 automatic, 41 hours of energy storage. 
Case material: Surgical grade stainless steelcase
Bezel: 120 click unidirect rotational outer bezel and inner bezel is not rotatable.
Watch mirror: sapphire crystal with AR coating.
Water resistance: 200 m / 20 ATM
Luminous: Swiss C3 green 
Crown: Screwdown Crown
Case back: Screwback Case
Hands: hacking second hands (second hand stops when setting the time)
Watch Dimension
Case Size: 44x43mm
Case thickness: 12.9mm 
Lug width: 20mm 

Classic mechanical movements are still popular today, despite the wonderful collection of legendary timepieces that have been made possible by advancements in watch technology.

Automatic watches will, plain and simple, bring something special to your watch collection.

It wouldn't be a terrible idea to choose automatic watches if you're sick of quartz timepieces.



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