Tactical Frog Upgrade Sub 300T Mechanical Movement Dive Watch

Tactical Frog Upgrade Sub 300T Mechanical Movement Dive Watch

Hello everyone, let me introduce to you our upcoming new products-Tactical Frog Upgrade Sub 300T Mechanical Movement Dive Watch. Are you interested?

Here are two versions of the design.Can't beat a classic,homage to the Doxa Sub 300T.

The upgrade this time is mainly an upgrade on the dial. We have no doubt that the Tactical Frog Upgrade Sub 300T is a Doxa tribute. The item isn't quite a duplicate, but it's a near-perfect copy of the original orange-faced Doxa made famous by the Dirk Pitt series of books, complete with the Doxa "double" bezel and the unusual flying saucer-shaped casing. It sports a fantastic blue lume on the bold hands and pips, as well as a lumed date wheel. It is supposedly waterproof to 200 meters, but I wouldn't go that far.

To be clear, this is a new type of stylish watch. It combines the finest of several brands to create something you can wear with pride to the beach or a popular party. Nobody with any watch sense would mistake this for a premium item, but you know what? What does it matter? You may easily take a chance on these goods for $179 and walk away delighted.
Perhaps you're looking for a great vacation watch that you're willing to break. Or maybe you enjoy the color blue. Or perhaps you're a diver on a tight budget. Any of these are legitimate causes. This watch is on par with the original Orange Monster, a personal favorite for anyone searching for their first "good" watch, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to watch enthusiasts at any level.
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