When Should You Service Your Automatic Watch?

When Should You Service Your Automatic Watch?

We're all aware that an automatic watch is a precision-engineered timepiece. Its mechanism is critical because it allows the watch to perform at its best. However, timepieces, like machines, wear out with time. It is typical, and you have the option of repairing it or purchasing a new one, but it can be avoided with an appropriate watch service interval.

So, how frequently should a watch be serviced? The answer is highly subjective, but before we get there, let's speak about watch maintenance and how important it is.


Automatic watch maintenance is required to extend the life of the movement and ensure that it continues to function year after year.

Because an automatic watch does not use batteries, we anticipate that its rotor will eventually fail or will not function as well as it did when it was new. Furthermore, we expect that a high-quality movement would last a long time. This is why most automatic watches are maintained as family heirlooms.

As a result, the key to extending its life is adequate watch servicing intervals or routine maintenance. The watchmaker inspects the timepiece and cleans or adjusts the rotor as needed.


Ideally, it should be done every five years or when the watch stops working properly. But what does it mean to completely service a watch? Mechanical movements have a variety of components that wear down over time owing to constant tension and friction. These rotor pieces must be lubricated with oil before they may be used again.

As a result, while automatic watches have the best mechanisms, the components of the movement themselves tend to wear and tear. The best thing a watch owner can do is constantly check the watch for any faults in time accuracy.


Finally, the principle of getting your watch maintained is an agreeable opinion, just like other things that require care. After all, it doesn't hurt to keep a timepiece in good working order.

Having your watch checked on a regular basis gives you peace of mind that you will never damage a timepiece. The process allows the watchmaker to change oils, replace or repair worn parts, and ensure that everything is working properly.

All Tactical Frog clocks use the Japanese Seiko NH35 movement, which has a proven track record of dependability in the industry. It is because of this that a Tactical Frog watch can be called a traditional heirloom — its movement allows it to persist for years without issue. However, it is still recommended to get it checked by a professional watchmaker.

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